Below find a summary of the restrictive codes that must be met to build a home at Little Choga's Place.  Also be advised that there is a $1,000.00 impact fee and a recoverable $500.00 clean up fee on all new home construction.  Little Choga's Place has a mandatory property owner's association(LCPPOA).  There are annual dues which are used to maintain the roads and drainage,  the wells and water supply system, and mow the right of ways on the sides of all roads and common areas. Vista owners also pay an additional fee to maintain the marina and park.   At this time, we would also like to remind you that the docks at the Marina are only available to the 25 Vista subdivision lots within Little Choga's Place.  The 21 "dry lots" located in  Little Choga as well as the wet lots are not permitted to use the Vista marina docks.  The marina is patrolled and violators are subject to have their boat removed at owner's cost .  Only the park and pavilion can be used by all members of the community.  If you have any questions please use the "contact us form" on the website.
1. All lots in said Subdivisions will be used for residential purposes only, and one
dwelling house will erected on each lot unless one owner owns two contiguous lots, in
which case only one dwelling house need be erected on such property; provided all
portions of said such property shall be used as an appurtenance to said dwelling.  Each
single-family dwelling shall contain at least 1200 square foot of heated floor space,
exclusive of porches, breezeways, carports, garages, and basements.
2. No temporary dwelling, outbuilding, or other structure shall be permitted. No
dwelling shall be occupied until the outside of said dwelling and all outbuildings and
structures have been completed. The outside of all buildings and structures shall be
completed within one (1) year from the date construction is begun. Any storage shed,
garage, or other outbuilding appurtenant to the main dwelling shall be of a design and
material compatible with the design and material of the principal dwelling. No metal or
canvas outbuildings shall be permitted on any lot.
3. No house trailers, either single or doublewide, no motor homes, no mobile
homes, manufactured or modular homes, tents, trucks, or commercial vehicles shall be
used as a residence on any lot. Provided, however, a motor home or travel trailer may be
used during the period of construction of the permanent residence for a period of time not
to exceed one year from the date construction is begun, and shall only be allowed for so
long as construction is proceeding with due diligence. Provided further, a travel trailer or
motor home may be used on a lot prior to the construction of the principal dwelling for
periods of time not to exceed a total of Thirty (30) days in any calendar year.
4. All dwellings shall be neat in appearance. All plans for construction of
dwellings must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee established by the
Property Owners' Association (Association) prior to the commencement of construction.
5. No permanent building, either principal dwelling or outbuilding shall be
located closer than Fifteen (15) feet to any property line.
6. Nothing shall be done on the premises that may be or may become an
annoyance or a nuisance to the neighborhood. No noxious or offensive activity shall be
carried out on any lot nor shall anything potentially threatening to the health of any
owner be permitted.
7. No animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind shall be allowed on any lot,
except that dogs, cats, or other normal household pets may be kept, provided they are
kept as household pets and are not kept for breeding or for commercial purposes. The
owners of any animals shall be responsible for the behavior of their pets.
8. All lots shall be equipped with septic tanks and drain fields that conform to the
sanitation and health laws of Macon County and the State of North Carolina. The effluent
from any such septic tank or sewage disposal system shall not be permitted to discharge
Into any stream, storm sewer, ditch, or drain unless it is first passed through approved
septic drain field.
9. All road and street easements shown on plats recorded in the Macon County
Land Registry that are covered by these Restrictions are reserved for the use of the
owners of the lots located within the boundary of the property described in the deed
recorded in Book B-21, Page 925, Macon County Land Registry.
10. No lot shall be used or maintained as a dumping ground for trash or rubbish.
No garbage or other waste shall be kept on any lot except in sanitary containers. Each lot
owner shall provide proper receptacles for garbage in a screened area not generally
visible from any road, and in compliance with all sanitation and health laws. No trash or
rubbish of any kind shall be dumped in any stream, lake, or pond within any Subdivision
covered by those Covenants.
11. No lot less than Two (2) acres in size may be subdivided without the written
permission of the Property Owners' Association. Owners of lots of more than Two (2)
acres in size may subdivide their lots for additional home sites and each additional home
site shall be obligated to pay all Property Owners Association dues. No lot shall be
allowed less than One (1) acre in size except those lots of less than One (1) acre that were
sold by the Developer.
12. The owners of all lots located within the boundary of the property covered by
these Restrictions shall be members of the Little Choga's Place Property Owners,
Association and each owner is bound by the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws,
Restrictive Covenants, Rules and Regulations as are adopted by said Association,
including the payment of annual dues and assessments imposed by said Association.
13. All property covered by this Declaration shall be a Planned Community as
defined in Chapter 471F, North Carolina Planned Community Act, and all provisions of
said Act are incorporated herein by reference. The Little Choga's Place Property Owners'
Association ("'The Association”) shall have all powers as provided in the Act for making
assessments for roads, water systems, or other amenities provided to the Subdivision, and
shall have all enforcement powers as set forth in the Act, including the placing of liens on
the property of owners who fail to make payments of assessments when due. All such
assessments shall bear interest from the due date at the rate of eighteen percent (18%) per
annum, and the Association may bring legal action against the property owner and shall
collect reasonable attorneys fees in the case of such action. Any assessments imposed by
the Association shall be subordinate to the lien of any mortgage; provided said mortgage
is of record prior to the time of the obligation giving rise to the lien.
14. Each lot owner shall have a perpetual right and easement to use any and all
Subdivision roads and common recreational facilities or other common areas as shown on
the plats of the Subdivision in common with all other lot owners and their guests and
15. The Developer has constructed and installed a central water system for
various lots covered by these Covenants. The Developer has conveyed the wells and the
water pipe lines to the Association. The Association shall maintain, and repair and
construct now sections of said water system and shall provide water to all lot owners who
desire to connect to said system. Each and every lot owner who may now have or may
hereafter acquire a lot covered by these Covenants, shall have the right to take water from
said water system and to hook onto the existing water pipe line, said right being
conditioned on the owner paying all assessments in connection therewith. It is further
expressly understood and agreed that the Association makes no warranties as to the
quality or quantity of the water from said water system.
16. Any septic tank or septic drain field constructed within the boundaries of the
Association shall conform to applicable Macon County statutes. Each lot owner shall
have the right and option to drill a well on his or her lot. If said owner does not use the
central water system as set forth above, the owner shall not be required to pay the
assessment for water usage only. No well shall be constructed within Fifty (50) feet of the
boundary line of any lot.